Managing Unwanted Traffic on Your Website

My website is for Finland.
And it is getting traffic from Germany. The traffic from Germany is more than from Finland.
The traffic comes from 2 cities and the network provider is Hetzner Online GmbH.
The average time on a page - 0 seconds.
And the IP address on Piwik says: No data.
How to get rid of this traffic in the reports? Google Analytics is not showing this traffic as well.

Hi @vladys,

Follow this article to stop tracking data from bots How can I ignore traffic from bots and crawlers? | Piwik PRO help center.


The bot traffic is coming once a month and at night. The debugger is showing the data for the last 6 hours. So, I should check it every night, awesome. Thank you for your help…

You can use our tracker debugger API to get the user agents values, with that during the night you need an automation that would save them and in the morning check the list. tracker debugger API

You will find the user-agent value in the headers array of the log.