Problems with bot / scraper use

We’re running a Piwik pilot with a couple of organisations. In some occassions I see huge differences between the data in Google Analytics and Piwik (Piwik = higher, users x2,5 , pageviews sometimes x4).

In the session log I’ve found some sessions that are checking the news page of this site. Sessions that last 8 hours and refresh the news page every 10 minutes for example. I checked our Google Analytics, but I can’t find anything that would filter out this traffic. They probably don’t load the tracking code while scraping.

In Piwik, is there any way I can filter these ‘non-user sessions’ out in an easy way? Or not measure them at all would even be better.

Looking forward to a response,


Hi. You can filter them out both based on IP addresses and user agent strings in the Administration. I suggest using global settings for that.