Is it possible to have the user agent in report for bots/automate detection?

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Here’s my question please:
Is it possible to have the user agent in report for bots/automate detection ?
On an other tool we’re using we found that almost 60% of our traffic can be linked to automates/ monitoring tool for digital asset and one way to avoid it is to use the user agent.

I would like to know if it’s possible to have it within PIwik Pro report & also in the french CNIL & GDPR context please ?
If so, what shloud i do please (settings, specific settings…) ?
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what do you use to detect a bot by User Agent? If the rules are not too complex, you could parse the User Agent in the browser and just either a) add a bot marker as a dimension or b) block those hits from being sent directly inside the Tag Manager instead of polluting reports and add those hits to your limits.


Hi Markus,

in fact this is done with segments or within google bigquery by looking at how much non-humans (for instance 30 sessions of 5 secondes max within 2hours) sessions are done.

BUt looking at the piwik pro interface i didn’t see anything to get the user agent natively. Thgat’s why i was wondering if it’s exclude by default in the web interface or accessible within the API ? if available where and how to find it ? Thanks Markus for your help and answer. Hope also have more info from the piwik pro team abvout what’s possible or not. Have a lovely day Sébastien


full user agents are available only from the tracker debugger (after clicking the </> icon) and only for last 6h.

Our reporting system extracts dimensions from the user agent string. You can see it under Analytics → Reports → Devices & Software. An example report for the diferrent versions of MS Edge below:

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Many thanks for the confirmation & the tips.
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