Microsoft/Bing Ads conversion tracking

I am trying track conversions via Piwik Tag Manager, to send data to my Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads account. I am tracking this with a dataLayer method, and it works fine on GTM, but Microsoft says that they do not support Piwik Tag Manager in this case.

I am simply deploying a async tag, but the verification of the conversion event still fails. Are they any noticable differences between GTM and Piwik Tag Manager in that case?

It should simply just deploy a custom script, after a successful submit or click.

What exactly did you add to your tag? If only the click handler is executed without the “base” UET code, this will result in an error in the console and no hit dispatched.

Could you post your code here?


As far as I remember last time I did setup UET tag there were no problems. MS support response might be polite way to tell that there is no official MS support and they didn’t test it but there is Bing UET template in Piwik Tag Manager.

Data layer should work the same for Piwik Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager. Do you have any specific errors that you could share?

This event:

The UET script is deployed on all pages, async.

Should I use the Bin UET template instead of just the html code method? The UET tag works fine (tested with the debugger tool), but not events work (other than landing page view which I can’t use for click to email or click to phone number events).