Multiple domains and consent form

Apologies if this question has been covered before, but as I’m new to Piwik Pro, I’m still figuring things out. My question is crucial for my setup going forward.

I’m working with two domains:

I have the ability to edit the checkout page on the payment processor’s domain through templates, allowing me to add the Piwik tracking code there.

However, I’m facing a challenge with the consent form settings. I want the consent form to appear only on my domain and not on the checkout domain. In Piwik Pro, the ‘Show consent form’ option seems to be configured at the property level—similar to what Google Analytics terms ‘property’—which typically represents a single domain. Although it seems possible to add another domain under the ‘Basic info → Site or other app’ field, this creates a dilemma.

I want to track user activity across both domains under a single property. Yet, to control the consent form settings independently for each domain, it appears I need to set up two separate properties.

Is there a way to manage the consent form visibility such that it does not appear on one of the domains within a single property?

Thanks in advance for any insights on resolving this issue.

Hi @mrkpl125,

Unfortunately you can only share the consent between subdomains and not between domains.
If you’d prefer to track it on 2 seperate properties you could disable the consent on the payment processors website. This however wouldn’t allow you to see the user journey since these would be 2 different properties. If your goal here is to track how many users completed the payment process, you can track a goal conversion once the user is redirected to a “thank you” page or a more reliable (but complicated) approach would be to send a goal conversion request from your backend whenever the payment has been completed although you would need to make sure to fill in all the necessary data in the request such as visitor ID etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. Yes, there is a thank you page and I can modify the code of it (e.g. put Piwik tracking code). I will test these options.