Share Opt-Out Cookie across all subdomains


I have a domain and a subdomain Setting up joint tracking works very well via PiwikPro, so users are recognized across subdomains and don’t have to give consent again.

On my subdomain I would like to link to the privacy policy of my top level domain. There users can actively revoke/refuse consent.
The problem is that this revocation then only works for the top level domain and not for the subdomain as well.

Is it possible to set the opt-out cookie in so that it also works for the subdomain ?

I use the PiwikPro opt out form.

Why do you need opt-out when consent manager is in use? In this case, you can use this widget that is available from the Consent Manager UI:

With use of this widget, users can change their consent decision, and ultimately also opt out if they would like to.

This mechanism uses the same cookie for both domains, so it should work for your case. If it works otherwise, let me know. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
According to the GDPR, users must be able to change these settings. How can I give users this possibility if not via opt-out ?
Is there a way how users can reopen the Consent Manager after a decision has been made ?

Menu → Consent Manager → Forms → Privacy policy → Privacy settings on your page.

You can also use APIs to manually open the consent form wherever you want:'openConsentForm', console.log, console.error);