Nested Product Categories in Reports

Hey, this question is kind of a mix between a data collection and a reporting question. I know we can pass the category information of a product as a string or as an array. My question is how are these array translated into the reports? I see that there’s a nested product category

For example, how’s the following array would be listed in the reports? Does the order within array matter? Like this?

Mountain Bike > Enduro > Full suspension > Carbon frame > 29 inches


Hi @onderval,
yes, the order of items in category matters. Each of them will be saved under separate dimension: Product category 1, Product category 2 etc.

We’re rebuilding e-commerce tracking and reporting and the new improved version will be available in May. Since then you’ll be able to use those dimensions in explorer report and nest one under another. We will also introduce the new dimension Product category (without a number) that will store all categories as one value, in your example that would be: Mountain Bike/Enduro/Full suspension/Carbon frame/29 inches.

Great news, thank you. I hope the improved version includes product-scoped custom dimensions :sweat_smile:

Product-scoped custom dimensions are planned for the next iteration. It may be released somewhere near the summer but I don’t have the exact dates yet.

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