No Returning Visitors

I’ve built a custom report- a table with session details. So for each session I can see the User ID, Session Time, entry URL, Exit URL, Country etc.

I’ve just added the returning visitors column and found a problem- there are no returning visitors. Every session is marked as “new”. When I went to our Audience Overview I see we had a few returning visitors in the first days after we launched the site, but none since. This is impossible, since there are at least 5 people on our team (myself included) who visit the site on a daily basis, I can see my sessions in our new custom table but all my sessions have “New” in the returning visitor column.

What are some troubleshooting steps I can take here? I’ve been up and down our cookie settings, and can’t seem to find out what has gone wrong.

Hi @Kyle_Campbell. What is your current config? Are you using consent manager and/or anonymous tracking mode? Maybe you can share the website URL so I could check it for myself if the cookies are set correctly (since cookies are used to recognize returning visitors).

Heya Kuba. We’re using the inbuilt consent manger.

It looks like the main Piwik PRO tag was reconfigured to not require consent. Please revert to the default settings where the required consent is set to Analytics.

We took a look at this and it seems to be the fix. Thank you!