"Visitors" not actually unique?


I created a custom report to analyse visitors to a single page, with options to sort data by “Visitors” and IP Address. Piwik’s definition of “Visitors” is:

“The number of unique visitors. Every visitor is counted once, even if they visit the site or app many times in a given date.”

However, I’m noticing that the same IP address appears repeatedly yet in each instance it’s marked as a new visitor. Why is this? (It is happening much too frequently for it to be explained by different people in the same household visiting the page.)

Hi @k1293,

Are you using the session hash option? -

Yes, both “Use a session hash” and “Use visitor cookies” are turned on

Hi @k1293,

Can you send me the URL of the website where this is occuring in a private message?

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

It might be because visitor from given IP address revoked consent (if you use it) and then with ach visit from the same IP, Visitor ID is new.

How do I check if I’m using this consent? Thanks.

By default Piwik PRO displays Consent Form, Consent Manager overlay, with a decision to make about data tracking. If user revokes it, you will have such an effect. Unless you disabled it for your website, you can check it like described here: Turn on or off the consent form on your site | Piwik PRO help center

Thanks. I can confirm that the Consent options were disabled, so this couldn’t have been the cause.

@kamilb Did you receive my private message?