No Consent Visitor amount seems too high


I am using the Piwik Tagmanager with the Consent Manager using a 3rd party Consent Banner (User Centrics, UC).

The Piwik Pro Base Tag fires on pageview (begins to load the page) with analytics consent set.

I’m using the UC API (UC_UI_VIEW_CHANGED) to push a DL event to track trackMainFormView events.

On UC consent_status event i have a custom JS to map the UC consents to the piwik consents:
    {consents: {
          status: consent_analytics

Now the issue is, in the Piwik Consent Report i see this:
(consented traffic having an IP address, no consent traffic having no IP address)

Visitors are marked as no consent visitors while having an IP address.

In other words,
All Visitors: 16,000
No Consent Visitors: 16,000
Analytics Consent Visitors: 3.000

Shouldn’t No Consent Visitors be 13.000?

How is the no consents category defined?
It seems to be defined as event scoped but should be session scoped.


Hi @sebastian1,
Welcome to the community!

Have you followed Piwik PRO’s guide on how to integrate 3rd party consents?

Also, to the logic of your setup you could add _paq.push(["deanonymizeUser"]); after the visitor has given their analytics consent to deanonymize them and properly unveil their IP address and other relevant details. What is also worth considering is to set up the _paq.push(["setUserIsAnonymous", true]); method after the visitor rejected the consent to properly anonymize them. After implementing the methods, please make sure that they work as intended and are fired on the correct consent events.

Also, please make sure that you are correctly tracking the consent interactions in the integration by reviewing the Consent API methods from this documentation: JavaScript API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 18.21 documentation.