No page title option for trigger conditions

We recently set up SPA tracking where all ‘pages’/screens under our app’s /onboarding are sent with titles using:

_paq.push([“trackPageView”, ⁠ {internal name for page}⁠]);

That works great and I can see the distinct page views with their titles on the basic reports.

Now i want to create tags that get triggered on these SPA pages.

But, when I create a Page View trigger in the tag manager, there is no option to fire on Page Title.

If it is missing for some reason,I am happy to pass the page title as a variable, however it is unclear to me how I can catch the page title pushed here _paq.push([“trackPageView”, ⁠ {internal name for page}⁠]);

Hi @nikitasfilosofof,

Have you tried calling this before trackPageView?

No, but if that’s the only solution we’ll work with that!

Can you explain why it’s not possible to trigger by page title or other parameters parsed in the trackPageView method?

Actually, I misunderstood your question there because it’s true - you can use trackPageView to add a custom page title (just like you did there). You can use the method I mentioned in case you want to overwrite every event before the page reloads. Sorry for the mix-up.

why it’s not possible to trigger by page title

I think it’s just a missing feature, I’ll add a feature request for this. For now, it’s best to create a custom variable in the Tag Manager like I describe here. You’ll be able to add the variable in the trigger conditions.

Ok, I was about to ask how will I even use the document.title.

Ideally we would all page properties in the Page View trigger conditions, as you said a missing feature.

Thank you for the quick help!