Heatmap | Site Inspector | Accurate numbers?

Heatmap - Site Inspector - How trustworthy are the numbers?

For the same period of time, under custom events/clicks and adding for example Page URL as event dimension, it seems like the amount of clicks are way higher than in the heatmap site inspector.

According to the site inspector, the same URL would have about 2000 clicks while the click custom event for the same URL in the report says 7000+.

First of all, am I even comparing the same data?

Thanks in advance!

Could you please share the Analytics report that you created for this purpose and the URL of your website? You can share it here or send it to me via private message.

it could be that you have heatmap script installed on whole website + you are checking data in report for multiple pages + checking site inspector on single page?

Thanks for your reply! But I would say no, because in the custom events report I also added “Page url” as an second event dimension.

And for that specific page, and for just one of the specific click-events the numbers are still much larger than found in the heatmap.

For example. In the heatmap there’s a area with 22 clicks (12%). If I’m right, the total amount of clicks on that page would be about 183. But it the event-report the numbers are way higher.

Could it be that the heatmap and the event-clicks in the reports are counted differently, that all clicks aren’t somehow counted?

Or am I just missing something else?

are you sure you are checking “event count”? you should also add other event (category, action, label) related dimensions to see which specific click classes were clicked

Hello @Dataguy !

Site inspector data matching is always filtered by current URL your are inspecting. Summary of data you’ve provided is correct it terms of overall sum of events. For the debug purpose I’ve created very simple custom report including only custom event name, events count and page URL and filtered it by given element (custom event name, “I’m a homeowner” button in our case) and results are as below. Please notice that there are different number of events for the same elements, because there were tracked on different language versions of your site (differs in URL also). Answering potential next question: it is not possible to get preview of all data (sum of all events for the element, despite URL) in Site inspector currently.

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Hi @Patryk,

Thank for the reply!

Regarding your answer of potential next question( “it is not possible to get preview of all data (sum of all events for the element, despite URL) in Site inspector currently.”) - Will it be possible in the future to get a preview of the full set of data in Site Inspector? if it is something you are working on?