Percent of returning visitors - quite different per day / week / month

In the Audience Overview, the metric “% of returning visitors” is higher the shorter the timeframe grouping is. When “grouping by day”, it is around 95% on my site. “Group by week” is around 90%, and when “grouping by month” it is 75+%.
I would expect this metric to be higher for longer time periods, as I expect a higher percentage of visitors to revisit my site during the whole week or month, as compared to visitors revisiting the site the same day.

Or am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Each day will have a different % of returning visitors and this may have an impact on a general result of returning visitors from different timeframes.

Could you please share screenshots of the Audience report or a URL of the site that you are referring to? You can share the URL here under the thread or send it to me via dm.