New\Returning visitors report shows 107%


I noticed that the engagement report in PiwikPRO shows strange values when it comes to separating new and returning visitors. The total number of visitors is 3839 but the sum of new and returning visitors is 4137, that is 107,77% which is an evident inconsistency.

Is there a way to achive actual values of new\returning visitors in PiwikPRO that would not exceed 100%?



uniques are not the metric you should analyze in the context of adding up to 100% (compared with totals). If the same visitor (unique visitor ID) entered the page / mobile app twice during this period, he/she would be counted as both new and returning. But at the same time, the total value would be 1 (because there was just 1 unique ID). This math works only with sessions, where new visit results in a new session ID.