Personalization of the cookie banner


Is it possible to have the bottom bar content in the large pop-up layout?
I would like to use a pop-up but without showing all the details, I would like to show only the content as it is in the bottom bar and give the option to expand the toggl.

Is that possible?

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The only way is to use custom consent form. You can find more details here.


Hello @Maciej_Kowcun

Thanks for you answer.
We observed the code for a custom consent form;: there is no multilanguages option in it.

Is there a solution to manage a custom consent form in different languages? Or, do we have to push some variables in the code to manage it ourselves?

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Small up because I received no answer :frowning:

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sorry for the late reply. Custom consent forms support multi languages, but everything depends on your custom implementation. Unfortunately we don’t have any implementation examples with multiple languages.

You can always try our built in consent forms editor.

Hi @Maciej_Kowcun ,

Thank you for you answer.
If we could have the pop-up consent banner with the toggl details collasped… It would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue: this option is not available in the editor.