Support for multiple languages in custom consent form


In order to have custom consent type, I am using Tag manager on a multilanguage website.
How can i manage the translation and how can i load the langage related to the website’s language ?



consent popups for different language versions can be adjusted in Consent Manager module directly:

When it comes to loading language, by default it’s based on user’s browser language.

Yes i know but i am talking about Tag manager with custom content and not Consent Manager
Consent informations are in Tag code

Could you share an example?

Here is my custom code.

Ok, now I get it. Our examples don’t include support for multiple languages. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’ll provide the feedback to the product team though to extend the examples a bit in the future.

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Hi there,

I am dealing with the same issue here with the implementation of a custom consent banner on a multi-language site.

Would the work around be implementing a tag for each language containing the custom consent banner script with the language copy, each trigged to fire on the respective language version of the site? i.e. triggered on all pages + url contains language (de)


Hi, just wondering fi you found a solution for this? I have a client asking for the exact same thing.

Hi @Dave_W ,

My site now has a custom consent banner that loads based on users browsers language. I have six banner tags for the six languages of my site and these trigger based on the users browser language (which I pull through as a custom variable using a JS script).

For example if a users browser language contains on of the following (fr|fr-be|fr-ca|fr-fr|fr-lu|fr-mc|fr-ch) the French banner is triggered.


Thanks that’s helpful.