Piwik & Looker Studio - Breakdown per month


I’m trying do to a basic report on looker studio with Piwik.

I want a breakdown per month.
But, as you can see, it doesn’t work very well… I tried also to choose “month” as dimension, but it changes nothing.

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You’re using a stacked column chart. I think you should use a time series chart and change styling to bars.

BUT: this doesn’t solve the problem. Using drill down to Year/Month will display only the last day of any month but it should sum up per month.

piwik month drill down
piwik month drill down2

So many thank if someone could fix it!


If I create a line chart and switch the line in bar, it works.
But, next I add the breakdown per channel and I get the following error: Error ID: 8c3ab746

You can but use date as dimension and change type to Year Month

dave, I don’t get it. What I’m doing wrong?


Doesn’t look like you’re using sum for the pv’s?

This morning it works: so I assume that the connector doesn’t work all the time…

More problematic, the data displayed are completely wrong…

Data in Looker Studio:

Same report, same metrics, dimensions & filters in Piwik:

@dave interesting. I don’t get the option to change aggregation for standard field “Page views”.

My solution for this is a custom field, called “Page views (sum up)” as calculated field:
SUM(Page views) and this works, but it’s a workaround for me.

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Any comment from Piwik regarding this issue?

weird… but if it’s working = problem -1 :slight_smile:

Well, nothing works in my case…

We are taking a look at the issue and will update you as soon as we find a solution to that.

@ValPiwik which version of the connector are you using?
We improved aggregation for those kinds of charts in version 1.0.6.

Here’s my example report using the latest 1.0.8:

The data matches what I get in Piwik PRO Analytics:

Hi @Piotrek ,
where do I get the information about which version it is?
thx, ralf

It’s listed in the connector description here:

You can update using the link from our article here: Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) integration | Piwik PRO help center

@piotrek what I’m doing wrong?

[Edit] I think I got it. I can get it via Link in your website, Looker itself uses the old one.

Is there a way to update existing connectors to v 1.0.8?

@Ralf sorry for replying late.

We describe updating the connector in our docs here.

Unfortunately until we are published in Google’s gallery, that needs to be done manually. We’re waiting for a change in our product’s APIs before we can get published, so it might take a couple more months before that’s possible.

@Piotrek thx for reply. If you make changes to current implementation v 1.0.8 what will happen then? Is it the same procedure for next version? There are several bugs in current implementation as well, or let me say unexpected behaviour. :wink: Do you have any plans for further developments?

We’re aware of some issues, for example those related to the fact that filters work differently in Looker Studio than in our Analytics. We’re trying to improve the connector step by step and we plan to release further updates. Unfortunately the process would be the same.

On the other hand, with the procedure described in the article at least you don’t have to redefine dashboards based on Piwik PRO data when you update from one version to another.