Channels are not aggregated in Looker Studio

I want to get a table with the channels and the respective visitors. But the channels aren’t aggregated. There are no other dimensions added. Am I doing something wrong?


What version of the Looker Studio connector are you using?

I’ve made the connection with the Piwik Pro Analytics connector earlier this week. Where can I check the version? Thanks for your help!

The version should be in the connector description

It’s not specified unfortunately :frowning: but on the product page of the connector on piwik pro website states that it is 1.2.0

Sorry for the confusion - it should be displayed when you go into the data source edit, then “edit connection” and finally in the description

I’ve clicked on it but I don’t see a version history… :frowning:

Alright, I’ve consulted with our developers and it looks like an old version of the connector - could you try updating it to the newest one? The whole process is documented here:

This fixed all my (Piwik) problems. Thank you!!