Power BI Connector Published Date

According to documentation the connector is in beta as of May 2024. Is there an estimated date on when the Power BI desktop and Power BI service connectors will be available as an official Microsoft Power BI extension?


I am not working for Piwik, but I am also working on a Power BI report that gets data from Piwik Pro.
I tried to use the connector, but I ended up working with the REST API, which is more flexible (ability to filter the query based on other fields than the date, use transformations such as to_path or to_domain). Also, you don’t require to open any ports from the gateway, since the connection is made from Power BI Service.
Only thing I am trying to solve is the 100000 rows limit per API call. I have a workaround in mind (looping on a table of date with one query per day) : I’m creating a post about that.