How to make tracker work in React applications

I have followed the PiwikPRO documentation using the Piwk PRO library for react. The connection seems to work great. I am able to check the visitorID in the console. I am able to use the debug mode on my page. And when I test the PageViews.trackPageView() function locally I get the following log in my console as expected: Push (2) ['trackPageView', '/srl/1']"

However, when I navigate to the Tracker debugger on the piwikPro dashboard there is zero data. There is not a single piece of data tracked. Am I doing something wrong in the implementation?

@Stan_Turner do you see any network requests to your Piwik PRO account in browser DevTools? If so, I’d check the status codes (if you’re getting 2XX responses on those requests).

Another thing to check - how did you set up PiwikPro.initialize()? A common reason for not seeing any data in Tracker debugger is wrong configuration there (wrong URL or site ID provided).

@Piotrek Thanks for your reply. Yes I do see network requests to the url specified as the container URL. When I look at all the network requests in my DevTools and I filter on ppms I get a new request (200 response) every time I visit a new page.

The debug mode also shows the container name shown in the PiwikPro analytics overview.

PiwikPro.initialize() is being used in the highest level application module. Where I also use ReachtDom.render()

The URL and site ID were provided by a third party. I believe the URL and site ID are correct since the debug mode shows the container name (this name is never specified anywhere in the code project itself).

Is there another way to test if this is the correct URL and/or site ID? Or is there something else going wrong?

The third party accidentally created two containers and gave me access to the wrong container.