"Search exits" and "search refinements"


Just wondering. Is there anyone who’s integrated additional internal search metrics to your Piwik-account on top of the standard-metrics? Fx. “Search Exits” and “Search Refinements” as a calculated metric?

I know how to get the data for each individual search keyword via the user flow-report, but I need to be able to readily see it in a aggregated flat table report.

I’m thinking of adding it via some custom javascript and store it as a custom event, but this would have some drawbacks, namely that I’m storing it as a custom event as opposed to a search event, and it’s a non-standard way of doing it.

I know it’s a standard-metric in Google Analytics, but according to the Piwik support, it is not currently possible to measure in a aggregated table report. Here’s how Google defines these metrics: How Site Search metrics are calculated - Analytics Help

Indeed at the moment, there are no such metrics. I don’t have any solution for Search Refinements, something close to Search exits could be achieved with the below report definition. It will show the number of searches that weren’t followed with a page view. It’s not perfect, a dedicated metric would be much better.

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Hi Jarek

That’s a nice a simple solution - not perfect, but at least I can save it as a flat table report and get the results. The best part is it’s building on already collected data!

Thanks for the input. I’ll add it as a report.


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