Segment which exclude sessions with specific outlink URL


In the Outlinks report I can see all clicked outlink URLs. We have a URL for a subdomain and I would like to create a segment which excludes all sessions where this subdomain has been clicked.

So I make a segment with the following settings:

Outlink URL is not

The URL is matching the URL in the Outlink report, but the segment is still 100% of the visitors.

Even if I change the segment to Outlink URL contains its still 100% of the visitors.

Is it not possible to create a segment which excludes or includes visitors who clicked a specific Outlink?

Thank you!

Outlink URL is an event scope dimension. The filter that you introduced in your segment will only filter out Outlink events instead of filtering out the session, which is basically your goal here.

The only condition that I would see being applied here is Outlinks in session:

However, you will not be able to rule out the URL by using the Outlink URL dimension as both of these dimensions are in different scopes and therefore would interfere with each other.

@asinior Thank you for answering, that makes sense. I guess I will need to find an alternative solution for filtering out the entire session with the specific outlink URL click.