Understanding segment scope

I´m trying to gain a clear understanding of how segment scope works in Piwik PRO.

On this page:

I find this statement:
“Segments use two scopes: event and session. The scope is applied automatically on the basis of the segment definition, report definition and filters used in a report.”

Does this mean that if I apply eg. “page url” as “event dimensions” to a segment, then the scope will automatically be of event?

Is it not possible in any way to create a segment containing full session data for all sessions where the user visited a specific page during their session?

If you use page URL then dimensions will be filtered out by event scope dimensions. As for session scope dimensions you would have to include Session exit URL, Session entry URL and Session second URL in your segments to be able to filter it out by session scope dimensions. You can see the list of available dimensions here: List of dimensions and metrics | Piwik PRO help center

Thank you very much for your answer.

Just to be sure, that I´ve understood this properly.

So if I only use session-scoped dimensions in a segment, then I´ll get ALL data from the sessions, that matches my segment rules?

And if I use one or more event-scoped dimensions in a segment, then I´ll not retrieve full session data but only data for the events, that matches my segment rules?

This sounds plausible, but feel free to test all different options in your segments and see if they give you the expected outcome.

Thanks for your answers :wink: