Separate Paid Search/CPC and Display into Different Channels

I would like to see the Campaign channel split into two channels, Paid Search (CPC) and Display. That’s how GA3 does it.

Hi, there is a custom channel grouping that might get you the view that you need. More information on: Organize incoming traffic into custom channels | Piwik PRO help center

@Michal_Szczerek, I was suggesting that you follow GA3’s channel definitions since that product has been at 80% or more market share for years so, by default, it has set the benchmark for what channel definitions should be.

As I say that, however, I believe that I see one possible reason why you lump Display and Paid Search into the “Campaigns” channel (at least for Google): Is Piwik Pro unable to unencrypt the Google Ads GCLID? If not, your channel definitions make perfect sense. However, if Piwik Pro can unencrypt the GCLID, you could further refine your “Campaigns” channel into “Display” and “Paid Search”

Yes, you are correct, we are not able to decrypt gclid. I’ll pass along the suggestions about refining the “Campaigns” channel.

Understood, and thank you.