UTM codes and Channels


Does Piwik Pro always place any visit from a UTM-decorated URL into the “campaigns” channel? I am asking because I use this type of URL style for a few of my clients from their Google Business Profiles:

GA3 places this visit into the “Organic Search” channel. PP is not doing that, it’s placing the traffic into the Campaigns channel.

Hi David,

Yes if a URL contains utm_* parameters it will be seen as campaign: Channel report | Piwik PRO help center

Bummer, that’s a serious deficiency compared to GA3. This prevents me (and others!) from using UTM codes to better differentiate traffic sources.

@David_Culbertson You can use custom channel grouping to adjust channels to your needs.


Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not what I want. I want Piwik Pro to recognize that anytime “utm_medium=organic,” that session could use Search Engine as the channel - like GA3 does.

My research indicates that there are a TON of U.S. based agencies that use utm_medium in this way.

Got it. Thanks for raising the topic and building our awareness.

Thank you for the consideration. I am huge advocate for Piwik Pro but also would like to see a few changes to more closely match GA3.