Server Side Custom events don't work


I’ve implemented Piwik Pro on a server throug Google Tag Manager using your Piwik PRO server-side template.

To transport data from web container to server container I’m using Stape’s Data Tag so I can separate Piwik from Google Analytics and using this Data Tag, I’m sending some events when certain condition are met.
For example, I’m sending page_view event for whenever new page is loaded. But I’m also sendin some other events, let’s call it booking event which is fired when certain form is filled and user is redirect to a thank you page.

Now, I created several tags in server GTM to detect these hits from web container and everything works well for page view event. It gets detected both in GTM server as well as in Piwik’s tracker debugger.

The is this booking event, and all other custom events apart from page view. As you can see in the screenshot outgoing request is 404.

Can you help me debug this? If you need more information from my side, I’ll be happy to provide you with it.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Aleksandar_Ivanic,

The error you are seeing may be a result of our tag not understanding data coming from Stape’s data tag. Currently our template works best with Universal Analytics type of data. We are planning an update in January that will address this problem.

Could you provide an example of the Event Data for the events that return 404s?

Hello @Piotrek,

Here is the example of Event Data you asked for.

However, I need to point out that I’ve been able to solve this issue by using different server-side template - GitHub - endgameapp/piwikpro-gtm-serverside-ga4: A tag template for Piwik Pro server-side tracking of ecommerce events inside Google Tag Manager (based on GA4 client).

This one allows custom event mapping where I can provide event category, action, etc. I might be wrong but I suspect this was causing the problem, since I couldn’t pass these parameters through the official template.