Shopify Instructions


I’m trying to set-up PP for a Shopify site. Your base instructions (Shopify: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center) show to add the PP tag to the theme.liquid file. This captures basic session information but does not appear to be getting the actual Ecommerce data.

I found this community discussion but it’s two years old and makes no mention of adding the base PP tag to the site.

Is this up-to-date? If so, can you provide a clearer step-by-step process? For example, the community article says “Run this on every page view in the shop” - did you actually mean “Add this to the header section of theme.liquid?”

Hello David,
you’ve installed our container on your Shopify store and that is actually the first step :slight_smile:
Now you need to set up ecommerce tracking. The thread that you linked is a custom solution that should work (we don’t have an official Shopify integration yet) and everything that’s written there can be done via our Tag Manager.

“Run this on every page view in the shop” - you could also add this code in a custom HTML tag with ‘All page views’ trigger :smiley:

In addition to that, I’m attaching our ecommerce documentation that you might find useful:

Hello Piotr,

Except for Google Analytics, every analytics solution for Shopify is a custom solution. I would love to see Piwik Pro match Matamo’s instructions which provide step-by-step details:

Hi David,
thank you for your feedback. I will pass your message on to the team responsible for writing articles for our support portal.