stg_externalReferrer cookie deactivation


CookieBot has been reporting the following cookie stg_externalReferrer as a 1st party profiling cookie on our website. Our legal dept do not want 1st party profiling cookies, then asked to remove it. The cookie doesn’t seem to be triggered by any of the tags, triggers and conditions set in PiwikPro, in fact, when I analyze cookies using DevTools (Chrome) the value cell for stg_externalReferrer is empty, meaning that the cookie is not being used by the website. It is still reported by Cookiebot, though.

I need a way to avoid Cookiebot reading this stg_externalReferrer, which apparently is not even used by the website.

Hope the community can help.


Hi Guido,
thanks for flagging this issue. I checked our HC article: Cookies created by Piwik PRO | Data and cookies | Piwik PRO help center and I find there information that this cookie is used when you want to capture the refferer as one of the conditions for triggers.
Can you double-check your triggers first and make sure that your triggers do not use such a condition before I would ask our developers to check?

Hello Tymek,

I do have read the article. Triggers are off. There’s not much left on to be honest. So, I’m fairly sure the cookie is not activated by any of the settings in PiwikPro.

Hopefully you can help.


All right, let me verify with our developers. I’ll get back to you when I got an update from them.

Hi Guido,
It seems the document I referred to requires a bit of an update, I already asked for it.
I consulted with the respective team, they confirmed the cookie is always set when the Consent Manager is off, when it’s on the cookie will be set only when used.
Hope this clarifies the issue.