Stg_debug / externalReferrer miss using ''SameSite''

Dear Support,

I get the following warnings regarding stg_debug / externalReferrer miss using ‘‘SameSite’’ ( please see the screenshoot)

Can you please tell me how i can fix this issue?

Another question would be, is there a way to disable the stg_debug within the piwik console and just enable when i need to use it?


best wishes


Hey @sall,

Can you please send me the website URL where this can be checked in a private message?

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

When it comes to disabling the debug mode here are the steps that you’d need to take -

  1. Navigate to Menu > Administration > Websites & apps

  2. Select a website for which you want the debug mode to be disabled

  3. Go to Installation tab

  4. Copy the “Basic container (async)” code snippet

  5. Edit the snippet by removing the parts which include the debug mode reference (marked in bold in the example below) and implement the modified snippet on all pages of your website.

(function(window, document, dataLayerName, id) {
window[dataLayerName]=window[dataLayerName]||,window[dataLayerName].push({start:(new Date).getTime(),event:“stg.start”});var scripts=document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0],tags=document.createElement(‘script’);
function stgCreateCookie(a,b,c){var d=“”;if(c){var e=new Date;e.setTime(e.getTime()+24c60601e3),d=“; expires=”+e.toUTCString()}document.cookie=a+“=”+b+d+“; path=/”}
var isStgDebug=(window.location.href.match(“stg_debug”)||document.cookie.match(“stg_debug”))&&!window.location.href.match(“stg_disable_debug”);stgCreateCookie(“stg_debug”,isStgDebug?1:“”,isStgDebug?14:-1);
var qP=;dataLayerName!==“dataLayer”&&qP.push(“data_layer_name=”+dataLayerName),isStgDebug &&qP.push(“stg_debug”);var qPString=qP.length>0?(“?”+qP.join(“&”)):“”;
!function(a,n,i){a[n]=a[n]||{};for(var c=0;c<i.length;c++)!function(i){a[n][i]=a[n][i]||{},a[n][i].api=a[n][i].api||function(){var,0);“string”==typeof a[0]&&window[dataLayerName].push({event:n+“.”+i+“:”+a[0],,1)})}}(i[c])}(window,“ppms”,[“tm”,“cm”]);
})(window, document, ‘dataLayer’, ‘25fb34c9-c26e-43ea-932c-2eac323e2ef4’);

Thank you so much! that worked perfectly!

thanks for your help!

best wishes