Tag is not firing based on a DLV variable


I want to trigger a tag based on a DLV variable.

  • When a user log-in my website, it triggers a DL event called “login”.
  • Inside this DL event, I have a variable called “zip”
  • I want to trigger my tag when the zip variable equal to 85270


  1. I created my tag in Piwik TMS
  2. As a trigger, I created the following rule: Page view trigger > Loaded all elements (page load) > Event condition → DLV | ZIP contains 85270

When I check, the login DL event is fired before the pageload event:

If I go in the pageload event, the DLV ZIP variable is correct:

But my tag is not fired…

Many thanks,

Hi. The last screenshot suggests that you’re using wrong trigger. It should be Event equals stg.pageLoad.

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Many thanks Kuba for your help :slight_smile: