The data form google ads and other soruces is not equal in Piwik


I’m using Piwik for two different accounts. On one, everything is fine. All the data is similar to GA or better. In the second one, I’m missing a lot of data, for example, 50% of clicks from Google ads. Not mentioning the other sources are much less than we get in GA.

I’ve tried to move the code from GTM to code. I’ve paused other tags like a hot jar or similar.

I also allowed the Google ads integration in settings. Still a massive difference.

What can I try next to fix it? I also need to mention that the set-up is mixed with web and app traffic.

Thanks for any help in advance. :wink:

Have you checked if there are any excluded or broken events in the tracker debugger?

Also, here is a basic guide that you can follow to check your setup with regard to GA/Piwik discrepancies: Minimizing data discrepancies between Google Analytics and Piwik PRO - #3 by