Discrepencies between Piwik PRO and Digital marketing tools


My namne i Sebastian and I have encountered a problem that I’m having difficulty finding a solution to, so that’s why I’m reaching out to you. I work with a company active in the B2B industry. We advertise on both Meta Ads and LinkedIn ads. In addition to this, we use Piwik PRO as an analytics tool. The issue is that we are noticing a huge discrepancy between the number of clicks and visitors on the landing page (I am aware that clicks are not the same as visitors, but the discrepancy is so large that we suspect something is wrong).
Both Meta Ads and LinkedIn Ads report approximately 5% visitors in relation to the number of clicks we can see on the platforms. For example, 1000 clicks on our ads have resulted in 50 visitors to the site.
(Everything is UTM tagged, and I have used debug view in Piwik PRO to track my own clicks, tested different browsers and devices. During my tests, I find no issues, and the data comes into Piwik PRO correctly.)

Has anyone of you encountered a similar problem? Or does anyone have an idea on how to resolve this?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the community!
Could you please share with me a URL of the page on which you experience these issues? You can either do it here or send it to me via dm.

Is there any update regarding this? We have the same problem.

Same problem here. I have searched for answers in every direction, without any success so far.

No, i haven’t been able to figure it out yet. I don’t know if the problem is Piwik or LinkedIn/Facebook etc.