Timer Trigger over 5 min

Hi all,

in GTM I am using different timer trigger. One is a 10 minute trigger. The trigger setting in Piwik is only avaiable till 5 minutes. Is there another setting for timed triggers, also like freehand in milliseconds?

Regards Martin


Unfortunately, there is no way of tackling this through the options that you have available in the trigger section. However, it could be tackled by transforming your custom event tag into a custom code one and launch the tag after 10 minutes passed:

    setTimeout(function() {
        _paq.push(["trackEvent", "Test Category", "Test Action"]);
    }, 600000);  

Here is a structure of the cusom code tag:

Then you can add a trigger to the tag and the tag will fire, but it will wait 10 minutes to execute the script that is within the tag. Eventually, this custom event will be sent to the tracker.

Also, the setTimeout method can be used to run a function after some milliseconds passed. In fact this is its standard format.

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