Translations: German Metric "Durchschnittl. zeit auf der seite"


I am kinda new to Piwik PRO and could not find a possibility to change translations of metrics, or a possibility to report/request a change. In particular it is the metric “time on page” that translates correct into “Zeit auf der Seite” but “Average time on page” is translated to “Druchschnittl. zeit auf der seite” but should be “Durchschnittl. Zeit auf der Seite” - yes, nouns are capitalized in the German language. :slight_smile:

It is not much, but when sending automated reports to clients - this ist the feedback we get - and not on their numbers.

I am happy about every tip.


Hi Willy,
We will check this. Thanks for addressing it, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello TymekGF,

I do have an additional question regarding the scheduled reports.
Is there a chance that the Email message Form Field accepts styling - at least simpole tags like <br> <p>.

And do you know when the translation of the metric will be changed?
Is there a standardized way to report translation topics/suggestions?


Hi @Willy !
Thanks for reporting the translation issue. Below you can find answers on your recent questions.

No, there are no formatting/styling options. At the moment there are no plans for changing that.

The change was released on Monday (May 9th).
Any changes or feature requests can be reported on community in following category: Request a feature & Roadmap - Piwik PRO Community

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