Issues to track conversions | Tags are firing and stats are wrong


I set up a couple of click Tags. Tested them and they are firing.
So I added some custom dimensions for these and setup a report to track these.

I got 3 counters. Each using the custom dimension as a metric.
(I converted the dimension to a metric. These are called unique count of dimension name)
Unfortunately they do not count correctly.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Welcome to the community!

Could you please share the reports that you were using to test the results in the Analytics module? You can leave them here or share them with me via private message.

Also, could you please share more information about what you would like to achieve here?


thank you for your answer.
Here are two screenshots of how the reports are set up.
A. Dashboard
B. Settings of the counting widgets

The issue is that while the one graph shows the correct values (conversions per day). The counters do not seem to change.

The website’s url is :
an example where a conversion tracking is set up is :
→ 5th Section : Join the community → button : “register for free”

I tested all the actions in the debug mode and they fired.
Also the stats per day seem to be correct just the counters seem to be incorrect.

Thanks again.


What are the reports that you are using which help you state that the numbers for the unique count of the event are incorrect? What are these conversions that you would like to measure here? Could these be handled through goal conversions? It seems that you would like to measure the conversions through the use of unique count in the reporting section whereas you could create a specific goal that would check if there is a specific custom event dimension value on the site and based on that fire a goal conversion event.

You can find more information about goals here: Goal conversion tag | Piwik PRO help center
And here: Set up goals | Piwik PRO help center

I created a custom report, which checks if there are some discrepancies in the dashboard, but it seems that the numbers from the dashboard seem to reflect the true state of how this particular custom event is counted in the Analytics (shared the reports with you via private message).

Also, a unique event means that it will not increase when the event was performed recurringly and also in case of the data collected for event names if we have the following structure [blue, blue, brown, green, brown, brown], then the unique count will amount to 3.