Trigger on stg.linkClick only

Hi all,

I’m trying to exclusively track link clicks with the Piwik TagManager.

The page is firing an event (gtm.linkClick) on link clicks that doesn’t fire on regular clicks.

How can I configure the click trigger to only trigger on gtm.linkClick and not stg.Click? My first instinct is a custom variable, but I’m not sure which variable would be used to relate to the event name.

Thx in advance!

Hi there!

Every click on the page has a parameter called Click URL (you can see it in debug mode, when you click on stg.Click in events log and go to Variables). Regular clicks have this parameter set to undefined, so based on that you can adjust the trigger to fire only when Click URL it’s set.

Here’s a handy article if you want to learn more about click trigger and conditions you can set: Click trigger | Piwik PRO help center :smile:

Thank you Sara… the answer is so obvious now that you’ve pointed it out.

I’ve solved the problem by adding the condition ‘Click URL contains .’ to my triggers.