Event, Session, User segments

Piwik has weaker segmentation opportunities than GA UA. I think there are a couple of important ideas there that Piwik could take inspiration from.For instance, event, session, or user based segments.

Currently when you segment by for instance a campaign, it will only include events from a session that included that campaign. However, often people don’t convert on the first visit. In this case being able to create a segment of users who at some point encountered that campaign can help understand if they converted in a later session.

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@alexanderf can you explain a bit more what it is exactly that you’re missing?
Piwik does support different Attribution Models? See Attribution report | Piwik PRO help center

Yes, it does and that helps in the specific case I was talking about.

I wasn’t clear enough about it in the last post, but what I am specifically talking about is are the “Segments” you can create (All Visitors f.ex) in the Segment tool. This segment tool is way underpowered compared to GA UA (and GA4). For instance, in UA you can create a segment from users who did action X and then action Y. Then you can use that segment to see all the pages that segment has interacted with.

I would say that the easiest way to understand this is by going into GA UA and checking out the segmentation options they have there compared to Piwik. I think there’s a lot of inspiration that can be taken there, specifically around event/session/user dimensions and the ability to create segments based on sequences of events.

Hope that’s more clear :slight_smile:

Ah now I got you. Yes completely agree.
I want to add a request to add segments and preview them before saving them. That’s a feature I used quite a lot when doing analysis

Comment to add my support for this feature. :+1: