Unique count order id miscalculation?

Not sure if this is a bug or me missing something?


What’s the date range? We added order deduplication late September.

can’t remember but this is from yesterday

The 3 conversions in the last channel (websites) are coming from the payment provider. Not sure if we can exclude these? Checkout is not taking longer than 30 min.

Let’s maybe limit the date range and check it on a custom report: flat table containing Channels - customized and Order ID as dimensions. AFAIK order id deduplication works on session level, so if there are same order ids for different sessions with different channel, the presented outcome would be possible.

A flat table with data from yesterday. Still seeing the same issue on the count of unique order id’s

When checking the order list from yesterday i see 29 of them

So if we take away the email & paid order that doesn’t show revenue and the 3 from websites (payment provider gateway) we get at 29.

Could you create the custom report (flat table) with mentioned dimensions for this day? If there are duplicates, we have the answer.

@kuba the first screenshot in my comment is a custom report (flat table) with channels customized & order id or do i misunderstand you?


I thought about Order ID dimension, not unique number of those :slightly_smiling_face: just to check one by one on small dataset

Ow ok :slight_smile:

Showing 35 id’s

But if we don’t count the 6 empty one’s on top

we have the correct number (29).

Any idea why these empty one’s are appearing in that report (and the aggregation) ?

Ok, so we know what inflates the report. I’ll let the product team check that.

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Thxs @kuba . Any idea’s on how to exclude the payment gateways?

What do you mean exactly?

these here for example (under websites channel) are payment gateways

So looks like they take a piece of the cake instead of the original source.


Most likely you didn’t filter out other types of events so it’s aggregating the data for all events including those non-ecommerce that obviously have empty Order ID.
Add filter to the report: “Event type” is “Ecommerce conversion”

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@Jarek that did the trick, thxs!

Any idea on how to exclude the payment gateways? Because we do get 2 source attribution now for 1 order:

What is your current implementation? Because it looks like you’re triggering the ecommerce order twice - on your site directly and then also maybe on the payment gateway side?