Using overlay for comparison charts

@kuba is it possible to overlay comparison charts, like with Google Analytics?

It makes it easier to see the difference between the two which I find particularly difficult on Piwik to see at a glance.

Universal Analytics:

vs Piwik:

You can see that UA is much easier to see where there are differences.


Hi there. Thanks for feedback. I’ll forward that to the product team as a feature request.

Side note: it’s easier to compare data once you hover over the chart.

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I second this! Not just the lines are on two different charts, even the scale of the y-axis is different so it’s very difficult to make a comparison. You have to hover and look at the numbers, so it’s a quick visual comparison.

Hey Kuba, I don’t suppose this is any further along in a planned road map?

After becoming a paid member of Piwik Pro, this feature alone is making me look for alternative partners to change to at the end of our contract. It makes at-a-glace analysis impossible and whereas before, in GA3, I could quickly scan dozens of charts and determine our live position, I now can’t and have to have a much more considered approach - slowing down productivity massively.

@drobinsonIP thank you for the feedback. I’ll check what can be done but at this point I can’t promise anything.

+1 for this. An analyst at my company specifically said this was a pain point for them as well and asked me to raise this to you.

+1 for this from here as well. This is almost a dealbreaker in an otherwise well designed service.

Another +1 from us! The shapes of the lines are easy enough to see separately but when the axes are different the visual comparison is very difficult to do with the existing implementation.