UTMs and Campaigns inaccuracy


I’ve been making a few e-mail marketing campaigns and there’s an inaccuracy between the email marketing platform results and Piwik Pro’s data, that I hope you can help me understand.

In the e-mail copy I have a few links. All of them have UTM campaign, source, medium and content. I created a custom report on Piwik Pro, with the following information:

Campaign name; Source/medium; Campaign content; Page URL; Page Views; Users.

I clicked once on both links and what’s happening is, I’ll have something like this, on the Piwik Pro custom report:

The link www.test.com UTM content is buttoncta and not header. The only link in which the UTM content is header is www.test.com/how-to-do-sth.

Why is header appearing on both of them as Campaign Content? And not buttoncta for one and header for the other one?

I already triple checked the links I built and everything is properly set up. Why is Piwik Pro reading it this way?

Hi. Try to do the test once again and then check the results in the Tracker debugger. If it doesn’t work, you can send me a full request log (available after clicking </> icon). It should have all the information needed to debug.

We don’t have the tracker debugger active because of privacy compliance issues.

Ok, so to let me reproduce, please provide the two URLs that you’re referring to (with all the utm params). I’ll test the scenario on my instance.

Do you have this option enabled?

It won’t work without that since you cannot assign multiple aquisition channels to one session.

Yes, we have. It’s enabled.

I’ve fired both mentioned URLs on my Core instance and here’s the result:

My assumption is that for some reason the other page view didn’t force a new session. You can check it by looking at the totals. In this case, you should see 2 sessions in the row showing totals.