Page Views sent via HTTP API not showing up in Debugger

Hi!:wave: I’ve been trying to hook up Piwik to our Website events. As we don’t do any client-side tracking, I want to send the events via the HTTP API. Unfortunately, I can’t get any events to show up in the Debugger, regardless of whether using the GET or POST methods. I tried to narrow down on an error source by sticking to the example provided in the POST method in the API docs, only modifying the endpoint and site_id param, yet still no events show up. I always get 202 response codes.
I could really use some help to get our feet of the ground here!
Best, Jakob

Hi there!

Did you check if your tracking works correctly? Here’s a handy guide with instructions on how you can do it: Check if your tracking works correctly | Piwik PRO help center.
Also, which endpoint are you using to send requests?

Hi Sara, thanks for getting back to me!
unfortunately, this resource is not helpful here as I don’t want to track on the client-side. I am using the tracking endpoint in the HTTP API - here are the docs for it if it’s helpful, though i already linked them above in my original post.

As sending requests to a wrong endpoint or incomplete payloads might cause your problem it could be helpful to provide both the endpoint URL you use and an example request payload.