Wondering if any privacy implications of using GDS/GLS + GCP / GBQ Connectors

Hello! Doing work with organization leveraging Piwik Pro for its solid reputation with Privacy, compliance, and ability for bilateral agreements.

Was wondering if the usage of Google Looker Studio and Big Query for the warehousing of data offsets / undermines any of that? Felt was important to check as see Piwik offers these connections / cabilities.

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Hi @Michael_Attea,

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Whether or not a particular use of the data gathered with Piwik PRO is undermining it, is highly dependent on policies within your country, state, and company laws. We can’t give you legal advice on what to do with the data. We provide those connections as they are useful and necessary for a number of our clients, but whether it’s okay for your particular business to use them as well is up to your legal team.


Thanks Oliver!

Thats whole thing is not sure of the potential ramifications / considerations downstream of how protected the data is etc.

Seems lime looker studio shouldnt represent a risk for reselling of data etc but Id need confirmation.

Also with gcp crossed some items indicating it would unlike ga4 offer bilateral agreement but thats through 2ndary sources.

Not always easy to find these answers until someone gets in trouble for doing something often it seems ?

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From what I see when it comes to looker studio. Data is not stored on Google’s servers, only cached temporarily up to an amount specified in “Data freshness” settings: Manage data freshness - Looker Studio Help, so it technically would be privacy compliant, but it’s a 3rd party tool, so I can’t help much here. And again, I’m not a legal advisor, and we do not offer legal advices as company, so it’s better to discuss that with your legal team.


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