Looker connector not available

Hi, I’m trying to connect Piwik PRO with Looker studio but the native Piwik PRO connector no longer seems to be available in Looker? See screenshot attached. Only the Supermetrics connector comes up. Yet I see the native PWP connector on other Looker dashboards that I previously created. Please advise.

Hi @LoneWolves! We’re working on getting our integration released in Google’s Community Connector Gallery which we’ll make such issues go away.
Until then, the connector must be manually added for you to be able to see it on the list.

How to do it? Thankfully, it’s very easy - you just have to click on the link to the newest version of the connector which can always be found here: Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) integration | Piwik PRO help center Once you enter the link, it automatically gets added to the list. (Each version appears as a separate connector, thus you might even be able to see multiple occurrences of ‘the same’ connector)