Activate CNIL guidelines for Meta Sites


I have 2 sites liked in a Meta Site and both have the parameter “CNIL guidelines” activated. However I see the “Session log” report in my Meta Site and there are no ways to deactivate it. Is it possible to also activate CNIL guidelines for a Meta Site ?

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HI @lisa, thanks for flagging it, we are aware it needs an adjustment.
Currently, Meta sites and apps do not validate the CNIL mark for the sites included, but we do have it in plans. I will keep you posted when it’s done.

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France: CNIL fines Meta €60M for inadequately facilitating refusal of cookies · Background to the case · Findings of CNIL · Outcomes.
The Revised Guidelines include developments on how to collect a valid consent as well as refusal and consent withdrawal.For more details to visit our website [removed by Tymek])

@Digital_Pakistani thanks for your comment and welcome to our Community!
Please note, we are aware of the requirements and consider these when developing solutions. I followed the link and found nothing related to CNIL regulations or Piwik PRO Analytics suite, please do not post any external resources misleading our users.

hi @lisa
Just wanted to let you know that we’ve implemented some changes that hide Session log for a Meta site & app when any of the Sites & apps included is CNIL compliant.
With the next release (planned next week) you will also see the information in Meta site & app and we will let you know when you will want to add a CNIL compliant Site & app to the Meta site & app.