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Hi there!
In Italy is mandatory to save a Cookie preferences Log for every visitor. In Piwik Pro I’m able to se a report on consent preferences but (I think) It doesn’t save all logs. If it doesn’t we could not use the consent module to be compliant.

Am I missing something?

note: I’m on the free version, is there a difference withe the paid one?

Hi @Francesco_Pensabene,

Rest assured that the consent log is saved (regardless if you’re freemium or paying customer). You can access the visitor’s log in the “Data subject request section”.

See how this looks like in practice:

Hello @piotr Thank you very much for your reply.

Maybe I’m missing something or I’m not able to find the report or maybe it only appears under some circumstances.

For Example in Iubenda (CMP) I have a section where I can browse all the consents data, I can’t find it in Piwik.

Thank you in advance.

I have no experience with Iubenda, so can’t really compare it. We decided not to expose the full consents texts/changes in the interface as this provides little to no value (unless we’re missing something), specifically because it is tied to non-persistent identifier – a cookie.

Now, as a site administrator, you can access the full consent flow of a particular visitor when:

  1. They land on your site,
  2. They provide consent (or subsequently change their prior consent)
  3. They fill out a data request form (it’s one of the widgets you can install on your Privacy Policy-- you can find the code in Consent Manager → Forms → Privacy Policy)

The request will land in Consent Manager → Requests from visitors where you’ll have all consent history and information about other cookie identifiers related to the request.

Please let me know if there’s any specific use case we missed where such unrestricted access is needed.

If it’s aggregated reporting you’re interested in then the consent choices are available from within Analytics → Reports → Consent and in the custom report builder.

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