Ad blocker message in the admin GUI

In the analytics GUI I get this message:
“Your browser is using an ad blocker that affects the UI of this application”

My ad blocker is not blocking anything on the page.

Why are you using things that are blocked by ad blockers? What am I missing? Will there be ADs?

Hi there. Adblockers are not only about ads, but also about trackers. Since we use “piwikpro” name for some of the assets loaded in the background, it’s likely that the adblocker will block them, causing the UI to break. That’s why we recommend to turn it off for the user interface. You can limit it just to and then you are on the safe side.

Answering your question - there won’t be any ads in the future. Our business model relies on converting some of the free accounts to the paid ones, offering most of the features for free with certain traffic limit. :wink: