Create a few users with same email across instances

Q here, did try to add/invite a user that already has a piwik account and got this error message:

User with this email already exists

So only e-mail addresses that are not having a piwik account can be added?

It’s a limitation that we plan to remove in the near future. For now I can recommend using aliases. Most e-mail providers are supporting

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Is there any news on this? I work at an agency, where we help a few different customers with Piwik, however this is a major problem as our emails can only be added to 1 account at a time :slight_smile:

hi @Simon_Ostergaard,
the good news is that the fix is underway, but it will take a few weeks to complete work (it’s a part of a more significant project).
I will keep you posted when it’s published. The plan is to deliver it early next year.

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