Added Wordpress Plugin several days ago - still no data

I added the wordpress plugin to one of my sites last week and I am still seeing this message.

No data yet

To see reports, you need to install our container on your site or app and start collecting data.

The debugger sees the data when I test with that.

I have installed Piwik Pro on another site the same way and that one worked fine.

Incidentally, this second site also has an issue with Google Search Console verification - could this be related?


Hi, yes. There is an active incident that influences both the speed of reporting and data freshness. I’ll post an update once it’s resolved.

If you have data in the debugger, it’s all fine on your side.

Hi Kuba,

Thanks for the update.


Hi @seanchk,

It should be all fine now when it comes to reporting. Regarding Google Search Console - please try to integrate once again and if it doesn’t work we’ll take a closer look.

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