NO data anymore

I have not been using Piwik Pro for very long and am now running into a problem whose cause I do not recognize or know where to find.

I am using the basic functionality using the code added to the webshop. It ran like clockwork for several months but suddenly no data at all. Of course I reversed the recent change (it was just one), a PHP upgrade. Unfortunately, this made no difference. Anyone any ideas on how to fix this. Since I don’t know I wanted to start all over again but maybe that is unnecessary.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @mbmcargotech,

It looks like you have removed the main Piwik PRO tracking tag from the tag manager on 01/12/2024, 08:06 PM

OK, thanks I thought I was not using this and cleared it. It was my lack of knowledge. How do I get it back (whats the content)?

I figured it out and its running again thanks!