Additional campaign dimensions


Is it possible to add these 2 fields in this settings section?

  • Campaign content ID (for example, it would be perfect for an “adgroup_id” parameter)
  • Ad ID (which we could use to retrieve the ID of the ad creative, for example from an “ad_id” parameter)

They should translate into dimensions available in reports, just like the ones that are already available.

Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for feedback. For now, you can create custom dimensions and do proper mapping within the tag manager.

Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:

Indeed, I can do that. Also, right after posting this feature request, I noticed that a very recent & similar topic was published: Adding new UTM Parameters.

However, could these 2 parameters be added by default in the future?

Thank you!

I think it makes sense, but can’t promise anything at this point. I forwarded it to the product teams.